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But no. Father has a Sikh manservant Art Malik and Gypsy encampments are to be found nearby, with a wise woman played by Geraldine Chaplin.

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While gallantly trying to slay the beast, Lawrence gets a grisly claw in the neck, planting the fatal lycanthropic spore. And all the time, he's got the sweaty, hirsute hots for his late brother's fiancee, Emily Blunt. Del Toro looks about as dangerous as an urban fox snoozing in a compost bin and Blunt seems to be suffering from some residual Victorian queenliness. Looking in the mirror afterwards, I seemed pale from weariness. Clouds break and the moon widens slightly in the sky.

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Larry looks the man over before replying. Why not? I know that you hate your self for what you are. Realizing he was yelling he gathers his composure. Nothing works. The moon just brings me back. Not for you. Good day, sir. The glow of the moon intensifies as the night sky brightens. The clouds now fully dissipated. Larry lets out a cry. The changes to his body are agonizing and painful. He lunges at Imhotep, claws lashing wildly. The attack draws little result as the wound instantly closes and heals.

The Wolfman howls at the moon, hitting his chest with his enlarged fists.


He jumps forward, landing on the Mummy, pounding him with his oversized knuckles until he tires. Imhotep rolls his attacker off him, getting to his feet quite easily. His wounds are no longer visible. He swings with everything he has, knocking the Wolfman to one knee. Larry wipes a small trickle of blood from his lip. Standing up, the Wolfman is enraged. He charges Imhotep, ripping at his clothes, and his flesh.

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  • I am beyond your mortal vessel, full of blood. My veins are full of dust, my lungs need no air. My belly hungers not, yet my heart aches. The Wolfman growls, his lips pulled back revealing his sharp teeth. Imhotep hits him again, but the Wolfman grabs his arm and pulls him close.

    He bites the side of his neck, ripping tendons as he snarls. Blood spews out from his nose as he breathes.

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    The viscous attack sends Imhotep to the ground, the Wolfman stands above him panting, salivating. Imhotep grabs his leg and pulls him down. Getting to his feet first, Imhotep lifts Larry off the ground, then throws him through the door of the cabin.

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    His wounds once again heal in moments. He follows into the home, kicking the Wolfman in the face. Blood shoots from the mouth upon impact. The Wolfman, barley fazed by the assault, grabs Imhotep and slams him into the wall. The contents on top come crashing down as the Wolfman lands blow after blow. A lantern falls, spilling fire onto the floor, as well as a handful of coins and one fancy, silver-topped walking-cane. It lands to the left of Imhotep, who in a desperate attempt to get this wild beast off him, lifts it and jabs the silver wolf head deep into the eye socket of the monstrous beast.

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    A blood-curdling howl can be heard for miles as the Wolfman methodically drops to both knees, blood pours from his eye. He falls forward, face-first into a widening pool of his own warm blood. Customer Reviews See All. The Killing of Marilyn Monroe. Bachelor Nation Wondery.

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    FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY – Classic Bracket Round #4 – THE WOLFMAN VS THE MUMMY!!!

    Sucker Punch Podcast. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. Inglourious Basterds.

    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman
    The Wolfman The Wolfman

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