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Chevron Left. Syllabus - What you will learn from this course. Video 19 videos.

Monetary and fiscal policy

Welcome to Monetary Policy in the Asia Pacific 1m. Monetary Policy Framework 8m. Reading 6 readings. Course Outline 5m. Assignments and Grading 3m. Asia-Pacific Central Banks 5m. Concept check videos with interactive questions.

News articles for Interest Rate Corridor Case 10m. Quiz 1 practice exercise.

Monetary policy

Quiz 1 - Monetary Policy Implementation 20m. Video 18 videos. Reading 2 readings. Suggested Reading for Monetary Policy Strategy 5m. News articles for Inflation Targeting Case 5m.

18. Monetary Policy

Quiz 2 - Monetary Policy Strategy 20m. Video 16 videos.

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Quiz 3 - Money Markets and Monetary Policy 20m. Video 4 videos. Suggested Reading 5m. Please rate the course!

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Quiz 2 practice exercises. The plausible trends of these variables are widely discussed and subsequently incorporated into the inflation and GDP forecasts.

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Given the forward-looking nature of monetary policy, and given the time lags before monetary policy takes effect, monetary policy needs to be pre-emptive and forward-looking. The MPC takes these factors into consideration in their monetary policy decision. At You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

Monetary Policy : 日本銀行 Bank of Japan

Please enable scripts and reload this page. Monetary Policy. MPC Decision. MPC Minutes. Open Letter.

Monetary policy in Singapore is centred on the exchange rate. Learn more about our unique monetary policy framework. MAS' regular monetary policy announcements, scheduled for release in April and October. An assessment of developments in Singapore's economy which forms the basis for MAS' monetary policy decisions.

Published twice a year, in conjunction with Monetary Policy Statement. A quarterly brief on the Singapore economy, which also discusses external developments pertinent to our assessment of near-term economic prospects. A summary of forecasts of Singapore's key economic indicators by economists and analysts.

Monetary Policy Implementation

Conducted quarterly following release of economic data. MAS implements monetary policy by undertaking foreign exchange operations to keep the Singapore dollar nominal effective exchange rate within a policy band consistent with ensuring price stability. MAS also conducts money market operations to provide sufficient liquidity for a well-functioning banking system and to meet banks' demand for reserve and settlement balances.

MAS has powers to provide emergency liquidity assistance ELA to a financial institution to safeguard the stability of, or public confidence in the financial system. MAS issues MAS Bills as part of money market operations, and to provide high-quality liquid assets for banks in Singapore to meet their regulatory needs.

MAS Bills are available only to institutions.

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