Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services

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Law is all about performance — how many clients you bring in, how much you bill, and how often you win. Technology today makes it even easier for law firms to benchmark teams in the most meaningful and profitable ways. That could mean ensuring certain lawyers are always assigned to certain issues in which they most often win their cases or certain parts of the legal process in which they perform most productively.

The online legal service provider — which also has brick-and-mortar offices in the United Kingdom — offers a wide range of services online for affordable prices, making everything from patents and visas to estate planning as simple — and affordable — as possible. The legal field is not one known for high-flying change. In fact, many aspects of law never change at all.

But the field has stepped up to take a smart and measured approach to tech adoption that is already saving companies and clients alike lots of time and money. The jury is longer out. Technology is a sure win for this industry.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Daniel Newman. Read More. With a diverse team of lawyers, they have everything you need for your business to operate its legal woes all in one place. Having been recognized as one of the most forward thinking firms in the industry by the Financial Times, Akerman is known for helping clients achieve ambitious business objectives in several different industries throughout the United States and Latin America.

Made up of a team of over lawyers and business objectives, they have a unique perspective for a law firm.


This allows them to team up with successful national enterprises and entrepreneurs to help them navigate change, seize opportunities and drive innovation in a red tape society without breaking the law. Best suited for businesses who want to expand and grow throughout the U. S, this firm will speed up growth within your company and handle any legal obstacles you may come across along the way. It is the oldest law firm in Chicago, and has since built up a reputation of providing high quality and experienced lawyers for their clients, with many being recognized leaders in the American legal community.

The firm has dealt with the needs of enterprises of all shapes and sizes over the years, across both the private and public sector. With so many lawyers that provide expertise across many different industries, they handle the legal needs of businesses from many different sectors.

Law Firm Marketing: Here's The Best Strategy That You'll Probably Ignore (2019)

They also collaborate with businesses to create innovative solutions that bring value, efficiency and predictability to the delivery of legal services by utilizing technology and adapting the normal practices of many similar law firms. This allows them to provide efficient and fast services while keeping the client in the know at all times, providing business owners and other senior members of staff with the best experiences possible.

Expertise: Transactional, Litigation, Legal Counselling.

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  • The Bellows Law Group provides transactional, litigation, and legal counseling services to a number of different client types, including entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Their experience in employment law and personal legal services practices also allows them to serve individuals. S News award. This praise comes from the dedication from the business to get to know the individual problems of their clients and use this to help apply complex and personalized legal solutions to fix them in an efficient time period.

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    With more than lawyers across the 19 Perkins Coie offices across the United States and Asia, this company have represented some of the biggest companies across several different industries. With clients on their books that range from start-ups to FORTUNE 50 corporations, no project is too big or too small, and everyone receives the same attention from their dedicated team.

    Recognized by Chambers USA as leaders in their field, Nixon Peabody are some of the best when it comes to dealing with a number of business-related and personal civil rights cases. Providing excellent legal counsel, they aim to complete the transaction, resolve the dispute, and win the trial efficiently and quickly, so that you can continue with the things more deserving of your attention. For clients on their retainer, they will delve deep into their industry to make sure they understand the politics, economics, social landscape and key trends that help them to predict future legal challenges their clients may face.

    With this knowledge, your business can continue to grow smoothly without the worry of a big legal battle in your near future. Voted Number 1 on the Law Most Charitable Firms list, Greenberg Taurig is full of lawyers who are keen to provide for the community they serve where corporate and other business laws are concerned. Having started with just three attorneys when the Chicago office opened in , it has since grown to include more than today.

    Using their technical and legal expertise, they provide value by making sure that your creative endeavors are copyright protected, preventing your unique designs from being stolen. To do this, lawyers working within the practice handle many parts of corporate law, including copyright, patent, trademark, unfair competition and advertising law.

    The two faces of the law - Legal Futures

    They also use their expertise from decades in the business to provide clients with trade secrets that will help them going forwards if necessary. In the fast paced society we live in, where digital transformation continues to alter the way businesses in all industries works, staying ahead of the game is essential. Their desirable efforts have led to them gaining a client list full of a wide range of organizations, as well as a number of high net worth individuals and families. Not only will they help to grow businesses, but they can also help with protecting assets and resolving disputes before—or during—a court case.

    Being one of the largest law firms internationally with offices located across five continents, their connections allow them to provide insightful and practical advice regardless of where business owners or the businesses themselves are operating. Across their offices, they take a client-first approach when it comes to delivering legal solutions, with their lawyers working hard to identify potential issues in advance based on deep industry knowledge so that they can alert their clients to legal issues they may face in the future.

    This law firm in Chicago—and beyond—represent businesses or all different sizes across many different industries, and provide them with the best service ever time by teaming together with other legal professionals to make sure they have all the information they need to provide their clients with the best information possible every time. Their core values are integrity, caring, effectiveness, teamwork and commitments, which radiates through the firm as the attorneys and other legal professionals work together to achieve the best possible outcome for all their clients, both now and in the future.

    Part of their integrity involves making sure that they take a proactive approach to inform clients so that they can be prepare and set goals that help their business grow in the near and far future. Tending to work closely with their clients on a long term basis, they are able to build up the close and lasting relationships that such involvement relies upon.

    Though they work with clients from a broad range of different industries, they have piloted a program and specialize in dealing with clients across the food, transportation and insurance and reinsurance sectors in particular. When Nathan Eimer and David Stahl launched Eimer Stahl in , it was with a vision to create a different kind of litigation firm.

    They wanted to continue delivering outstanding results for their clients, but they also wanted to take a more personalized and creative approach.

    As the years have gone on, they have established many relationships with local Chicagoan business owners that allow them to understand the business behind the litigation battles. This enabled them to build their solid track record for resolving some of the most complicated and challenging legal problems. This rare approach has led to them being recognized as one of the leading business lawyers in Illinois, for not being afraid to take risks and changing their firm to fit the needs of each individual business instead of the other way around.

    Luckily for those seeking help from their Chicago office, it is one of their largest, with over lawyers and professionals that specialize in almost all areas of their practice areas, including those we have mentioned above. The lawyers who represent people within this office have previously worked with Fortune companies across wide-ranging industry sectors, from global financial institutions and insurers to healthcare providers and retail giants.

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    Nothing is off limits for them, and no litigation or other corporate law related issue is too much for them to deal with. You might think that they are lacking the personalized aspect because they are a global firm, but their Chicago office has been dedicated towards supporting community projects since its launch. Most recently, it supported Legacy Charter School, a public charter school right here in Chicago for local youths. To put it simply, they are dedicated towards providing the best possible legal services and serving the community well, regardless of the industry your business is in.

    Having made the decision to expand to Chicago in , their law firm has grown from just three attorneys to a fully integrated team of 75 legal professionals in just over a decade. In addition to their colleagues, legal professionals within this practice also have access to the more than attorneys working for the same company across the world.

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    This enables them to make their services locally accessible for Chicagoan clients, while also bringing international experience to the table for a full, holistic experience. This network is what has allowed many of the attorneys within the practice to become locally and internationally recognized in their field for their innovations and the knowledge they can provide to the clients they serve.

    They offer a number of experience and skilled attorneys across many different practices, with many of them receiving consistent recognition as being leaders in their fields. This faith has led to them being the number one option for a number of high-profile transactions and disputes in a number of industries, including healthcare, in Chicago. S law schools to enable them to leverage the environment the founder dreamed of. This has worked well for them, with many of their clients continuing to use the same law firm in Chicago for their complex, time-sensitive and high-stake matters from the moment they discover them.

    Caruso is the place for you. Frequently called out for advice or representation by other lawyers in Chicago and nationally, they will approach every legal problem you present them with on the assumption that they will try the case in front of a jury, judge or arbitrator. This allows you to follow the process from start to finish and be informed throughout the process by an attorney who understands the ins and out of the law. They do take on smaller clients, too, and promise to provide every client with the same due care and attention, regardless of the size of their legal issue.

    Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services
    Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services
    Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services
    Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services
    Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services Franchise Law Firms and the Transformation of Personal Legal Services

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