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Dr. David Yousem - Neuroradiology

The images are generally of high quality, but as is often the situation, the findings are not subtle; as many know, it is not the flagrant abnormality that results in difficulties but rather the subtle and frequently overlooked finding that is problematic. The authors of these cases do a good job showing a number of the CT perfusion metrics, although it would have been beneficial to have indicated on the presentation images which were the CBFs and CBVs. The complete scales for the Spetzler Martin scoring and the Borden scoring should have been included rather than mentioning just the score for that particular case.

For an imaging text, some points needed greater attention.

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For example, in a case of displaced right frontal calvarial fracture, the CT images are set at a brain window, and therefore a fracture cannot be seen with the settings shown, even though an arrow points to an area in the right frontal bone. From an ER viewpoint the authors needed to have mentioned the value of the thin CT sections, with the possible inclusion of multiplanar reformations. Similarly, this book could have done more than demonstrate interesting cases that can be emergent in presentation.

It should have outlined how exactly a case with the described clinical presentation should be imaged. For instance, in the 2 cases of temporal bone fractures, it would have been proper to explain at the bottom of one page which is left blank exactly how one goes about setting up the imaging of the temporal bone slice thickness, imaging plane, reconstructions. This problem is repeated in relation to many of the cases — that is, there are no explanations of how to perform the exam, yet there was abundant space to do so and keep the book the same number of pages.

The case of Eagle Syndrome hardly an emergency, because even the history indicates the pain was chronic is a prime example of unused space. The MR imaging equipment is supported by on-site chemistry and electronics laboratories.

NER (Neuroradiology Education and Research) Foundation Symposium: Emergency Neuroradiology

Every Tuesday and Wednesday at noon, the Yale Neuroradiology faculty provide didactic neuroradiology sessions to the Fellows, where lunch is provided. The curriculum includes monthly Journal Clubs. Invited speakers, and Fellow presentations are integrated in the didactic schedule. For the remaining days of the week, we partake in a more informal interesting case conference session at noon where fellows and resident mini-fellows present interesting cases with faculty participation.

Emergency Neuroradiology: Brain tumors and tumor-like conditions

Prominent guest speakers present Diagnostic Radiology Grand Rounds and Neurosurgery Grand Rounds throughout the year that we encourage our fellows to attend. Diagnostic Neuroradiology call is covered by the fellow on weekday evenings and weekend days. A dedicated, in-house attending neuroradiologist reads all overnight cases.

When the fellow is on call, the attending is immediately available for backup if not working in tandem. Ample pre-and post call time off is provided to the fellows, in addition to compensation for weekend calls.

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  • Fellows have access to all Yale University facilities. In addition to theater, music, dining and other downtown activities, we are also located by beautiful Long Island Sound that provides beaches, boating, water sports etc. The area is also conducive to bicycling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

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    Case Review: Emergency Neuroradiology - Head CT [Course 1] - vRad

    Sandra Abi Fadel, M. Nicolas Harris, M. David Homa, M. Feras Jalab, M.

    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology
    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology
    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology
    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology
    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology
    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology
    Emergency Neuroradiology Emergency Neuroradiology

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