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It will be demonstrated how including genetic information may contribute to model-based ideotyping, model-based explorations of ecological distribution of varieties and model-based marker-based selection. After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: - analyse in quantitative terms the primary processes in crop production; - explain the functioning of crops in relation to functional-structural relations; - quantify genotype environment interactions; - understand scientific approaches in which genetic information is included in crop models; - apply in-depth crop physiological knowledge under a wide range of environmental conditions; - use and apply plant and crop physiological knowledge for crop improvement and crop management.

Course description and literature will be provided through MyPortal.

Crop Physiology and Climate Change

X Yin prof. PC Struik Lecturer s dr. PC Struik Examiner s prof. PC Struik Language of instruction: English. Continuation courses: Thesis Crop Physiology.

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Contents: This course is based on a few lectures, presentations by all participants of relevant literature, discussions in small teams and several assignments. Plant-Water Relations. Site news. Topic outline. View Profile. News forum. Topic 1 Lecture. Water relations in plants and its role in plant metabolism Page.

Functions of water in plant system. Properties of water Page. Diffusion Page. Quiz - 1. Power Point Presentation. Topic 2 Lecture. Differences between diffusion and osmosis Page. Significance of imbibitions Page. Quiz - 2. Power Point presentation. Topic 3 Lecture. Water Potential and Water Absorption. Field capacity or water holding capacity of the soil Page. Permanent wilting percentage Page. Mechanism of water absorption Page. Active absorption of water Page. Passive absorption of water Page.

Factors affecting absorption of water Page. Differences between active and passive water absorption Page. Quiz - 3. Power point Presentation. Topic 4 Lecture. Ascent of Sap. Mechanism of ascent of sap Page. Factors affecting ascent of sap Page. Root Pressure Page.

  1. 3rd Edition;
  2. Mindfulness for Life.
  3. Blow-up in Nonlinear Sobolev Type Equations (De Gruyter Series in Nonlinear Analysis and Applications).

Quiz - 4. Topic 5 Lecture. Translocation of Organic Solutes.


Translocation of organic solutes Page. Significance of Translocation Page. Direction of Translocation Page. Path of Translocation Page. Conditions Essential for Translocation Page.

Mechanism of Translocation of Solutes Page. Quiz - 5. Power Point Presenatation.

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Topic 6 Lecture. Types of Transpiration Page.

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Different Types of Stomata Page. Mechanism of stomatal transpiration Page.

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  • Quiz - 6. Topic 7 Lecture. Transpiration cont.. Significance of Transpiration Page. Transpiration as a necessary evil Page. Factors affecting transpiration Page. Quiz - 7.

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    Topic 8 Lecture. Plant Antitranspirants and Guttation. Features and Use of ideal antitranspirent Page. Differences between Transpiration and Guttation Page. Differences between Transpiration and Evaporation Page. Quiz - 8. Topic 9 Lecture.

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