Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)

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Blood Domination (BL Game) [Izayaoi x Uzuki] [#6] - Who's A Good Boy?~

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King Vega needed to find another world to settle his people on, and so he began conquering other worlds. That expansionist campaign finally led them to Earth. Played with in Shugo Chara! Tadase, leader of the heroes, repeatedly states that his goal or at least his would-be self's goal is World Domination.

When discussion the motives of the actual villains, the Easter corporation, the heroes quickly dismiss World Domination as a possibility. Princess Tutu 's Japanese official website listed profiles for most of the major characters—pretty standard stuff, including height, weight, and each character's "likes" and "dislikes". Most of it isn't too much of a surprise, like Ahiru's love for ballet and dislike of food with chicken in it What he likes?

Apparently that's the reason he's so obsessed with Drosselmeyer's story-spinning powers! Il Palazzo of Excel Saga wants to take over the world, which he believes has become corrupt. He decides a more reasonable goal is to start with just Japan, and the best way to take over Japan is to start with one city. Listed under her Likes? World Domination.

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Now that she's out of the way, Haruna has stepped in. Lately, she overtly proclaimed herself "future mistress of this world ". Axis Powers Hetalia : "Everyone will become one with Russia.

Code Geass : Lelouch vi Britannia eventually decides to conquer the whole world, rather than just destroy the Britannian Empire, as was his original plan. In subversion he doesn't actually want to keep it for himself.

Blood Domination

Magnificently , having taken over half the world and been betrayed, he the proceeds to take over the other half , then uses that to finish the job. It's heavily implied that this is the intention of the Royal Family of Britannia. Several of them are well-intentioned extremists who believe world peace can only be achieved through world domination, involving nukes, threats, and the like. Light Yagami in Death Note wants to be the god of the world, which effectively is the same thing.

Cleo in Glass Fleet wants to take over the galaxy. Luckily, the Big Bad, Vetti Sforza, has already conquered most of it. Cleo decides that taking down Vetti is the quickest way of doing it. Things don't go exactly as planned Jio's goal in Satan , by collecting all the O-Parts to rule the world. Being able to share his consciousness across parallel universes, he has become supreme ruler of all but one. Dragon Ball Piccolo Daimao's goal is to conquer the world.


And he does. Specifically, Frieza was in the business of conquering and selling planets. Fullmetal Alchemist : This is one of Greed's stated goals, though in the end Ling calls him out on his bluff and Greed grudgingly admits that deep down his true desire was to have friends. In the anime version , Bradley seemed to have this as his intention, which makes sense, him being a Hitler-expy and all. Since they've become competent and now have frikken jet-packs, they might actually have a shot.

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That didn't last long though. Pain of Naruto originally claims this to be the goal of Akatsuki. As a small mercenary force of exceptional skill they would build a strong reputation and slow supplant the established villages; then they would use the captured Bijuu to start small wars, promptly ending them, to gain complete dominance of the market. At that point, they would crush the weakened nations reliant on their services and become the sole world power. Turns out Pein was right all along; except the real Akatsuki boss, Tobi plans to use a Mass Hypnosis plan instead of the fake, economic scheme.

As of Chapter , Sasuke reveals that his ultimate goal is world domination, starting with killing Naruto, the only person he believes can stop him. Kuroda from Neko-de Gomen! This is the goal of all of the evil organizations in Hajimete no Aku.

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  • Their methods and reasons are generally more benign than most of the other examples on this page. In Read or Die , the British Library apparently wants to take control of the world's information networks, so they can get the world to doublethink itself into believing that they already rule the world.

    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4) Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)
    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4) Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)
    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4) Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)
    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4) Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)
    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4) Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)
    Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4) Blood Domination (Blood Destiny, Book 4)

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