An Honorable Man

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Villeroy: fresh ECB bond buys unwarranted right now. McCarthyism was rampant for a while, and there was the tragedy of Vietnam. And resistance to the movement toward equal rights was strong. But he felt the great questions of the postwar era were engaged by men and women of integrity, and there were only minimal efforts to dismantle important gains once they were achieved.

A Man's Code of Honor - The Art of Manliness

Eisenhower may not have been thrilled with the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, but he enforced the law. In Mr.

Reuss's view, a good government was a liberal government. He served in Congress from to , and seemed perfectly happy to exhibit the courage of his liberal convictions.

Raising My Son to Become an Honorable Man

There is a widespread view now that there is something wrong with being liberal. Liberals have locked themselves in the closet, afraid of being called names.

They should come out. They've nothing to be ashamed of. The word liberal was made dirty by those who were unworthy of it. As a public official, Henry Reuss was a very valuable asset.

Speech: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” by William Shakespeare | Poetry Foundation

Because when women start emasculating men, men stop caring about women. I want my son to know that his God-given strengths and tendencies are valuable. I want him to see his maleness as the other half of the beautiful design God created in humanity. When he notices the differences between himself and girls, I hope the mystery produces a sense of awe and wonder in his mind, and not lust or greed. I will continue to lift him up in my prayers even when I can no longer lift him in my arms. I will speak for him until, God-willing, my prayers become his own. Adrienne Gross is a writer based in North Carolina.

She is a lover of travel, fitness, wine, good conversation and quality time with her friends and husband and three young children. Want more stories of love, family, and faith from the heart of every home, delivered straight to you? Stories from the heart of every home.

An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
An Honorable Man An Honorable Man

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