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Diane Duane has been one of my very favorite authors since I read her very first book. I am grateful for her continued and increasing scale and telling me stories about her wizards. Read them all!

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Fall in love with these wonderful characters! These stories remind me of my hopeful self which is something that I need these days. I'm a huge fan of this series, and so happy Christina Moore was the reader after the long wait. Well worth waiting for! I have been alternately reading and listening to this series since childhood and am constantly amazed at the plot progression.

The narrator is excellent at character differentiation, capturing the essence of even the passing voices within the story. Captivating from start to finish! The narrator is amazing! And the young wizard series keeps getting better! You won t be disappointed.

Congrats Diane, This is the best yet. You're young wizards are becoming so real and so alive.

All I can hope is there will be more Your audiobook is waiting…. Games Wizards Play. By: Diane Duane. Narrated by: Christina Moore. Series: Young Wizards , Book Length: 15 hrs and 9 mins. People who bought this also bought Collins Length: 13 hrs and 40 mins Unabridged Overall.

Publisher's Summary Every 11 years, Earth's senior wizards hold the Invitational: an intensive three-week event where the planet's newest, sharpest young wizards show off their best and hottest spells. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent.

Bonniejane Kindle Customer Good story and narration I really like the Young Wizards series. Amazon Customer Still excellent after more than thirty years Despite a considerable passage of time since the prior book in the series, the quality remains high. Anna She just gets better and better Diane Duane has been one of my very favorite authors since I read her very first book. Jan Dickman Loved it! Anonymous User Amazing I have been alternately reading and listening to this series since childhood and am constantly amazed at the plot progression.

Zach Nita, however, discovers that Darryl is an Abdal—a figure of tremendous power and a conduit for goodness from the One—and that he is actually tricking the Lone One, making him think that he's in control so that Darryl can trap him in a self-created universe and never again let him out. Nita and Kit put a stop to the cycle by reaching out to Darryl together, who swears to the Lone One that he will remain in the universe if the Lone One returns to it someday, and then circumvents the Ordeal by taking advantage of his Abdal ability to be in two places at once.

In the original version, Darryl uses this ability to split his autistic "self" and leaves it behind in the universe he created, so that the Lone Power is forever trapped there with the autistic Darryl. Darryl continues to be autistic for the remainder of the series in the revised editions although he regains his coping abilities. Though the Lone Power itself is not trapped, the manifestation targeting Darryl is forever locked away from the rest of the universes.

S'reee is the whale wizard who acts as the Senior for Earth's oceans. She has a special relationship with Nita, who saves her life in Deep Wizardry. She is thrust into responsibility very young after the death of her mentor, but in later books she seems to be more confident with her duties. S'reee helps Kit implement a 'cleanup' wizardry to clean the waters surrounding Manhattan at the beginning of The Wizard's Dilemma. She appears briefly in Wizards at War.

A Young Wizard's Journey

In A Wizard of Mars , during a talk with Nita, it was said that S'reee was dating another whale who is a food critic. Roshaun ke Nelaid am Seriv am Teliuyve am Meseph am Veliz am Teriaunst am det Nuiiliat sometimes am det Wellakhit is a haughty humanoid alien prince from the planet Wellakh. He is first featured in Wizard's Holiday and remains a prominent character until his disappearance in Wizards at War. He is one of the exchange students from the wizardly exchange program and his skills focus on stars. Sker'ret is one of the exchange students in Wizard's Holiday.

His species, the Rirhait, resemble giant metal centipedes and have physiologies that allow them to eat almost anything. Sker'ret is skilled with machinery and teleportation wizardry. He is one of the children of the Stationmaster of the Crossings on Rirhath B, and takes over the position for a time during the wizards' war. Filifermanhathrhumneits'elhhessaifnth or "Filif" is one of the exchange students in Wizard's Holiday.

The program caused him enormous culture shock, because Filif is not just an alien wizard: he is an alien wizard shaped like a Christmas tree, so learning about vegetarianism as an exception to general human diets was like being in a world full of cannibals. But culture clashes aside, Filif is a very personable sort of individual: curious, friendly, and very easy-going.

Strange Horizons - The Young Wizards by Diane Duane By Electra Pritchett

He takes almost everything in stride and is eager to learn about human culture. His favorite discoveries so far are baseball hats and bright colors, even if his fashion sense is, to put it politely, nonexistent. He calls them "decorations" and prefers bright orange swim trunks and Victoria's Secret lingerie. He is very magically powerful and excels at writing new spells, as well as designing illusions. Pralaya is a wizard from a different universe that Nita meets while experimenting with kernels in The Wizard's Dilemma.

He bears much resemblance to an otter , though with six legs and antennae. Nita meets him while retrieving the kernel of a "practice universe" from a canal. Later in the story, he is possessed by the Lone Power and presents Nita with the deal to give up her powers in order to save her mother's life. She is the only wizard of her species besides Druvah.

See a Problem?

Pont is an alien that Nita meets in The Wizard's Dilemma when in the practice universes. He is a plural—one person in multiple bodies—which is apparently normal in his universe. He looks to Nita like five giant blue ball bearings.

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Harold Edward Callahan , Nita and Dairine's father. After his wife's death, he grows closer to his daughters and also to the world of wizardry, serving as a comforter and encourager to wizards who are going through a hard time, notably to Filif and Tom in Wizard's Holiday. Harry is a florist and landscape gardener; Nita believes she gets her talents with living things especially plants from him. Nita and Dairine inherited their magic powers from his side of the family. Nita and Dairine's late mother, and the focus of The Wizard's Dilemma.

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  5. A former professional ballerina, Betty passed on both her red hair and her natural grace to Dairine. Kit's sister, a couple of years older than he.

    YW New Millennium 9-Volume Box Set

    She bought a laser dissociator off the Mizarthu shopping network, which she uses to help Nita and Sker'ret defend The Crossings. She is in the process of learning The Speech, despite the fact that she's not a wizard. Once Carmela learns The Speech, she spends most of her time watching TV from across the galaxy, and talking to her new alien friends. She seems to have a talent for languages, as she was learning Japanese before taking up the study of The Speech, and presumably knows Spanish as well. She helps Dairine deal with the exchange wizards in Wizard's Holiday.

    In Wizards at War Carmela also manages to free the entire group when they are captured at a crucial moment. During A Wizard of Mars she assists in the translation of an ancient text found in an underground cavern on Mars. Kit's oldest sister. She is away attending college and lives there. She originally believed that Kit had made a deal with the devil. As of A Wizard of Mars , she believes he is a mutant. Robert Millman is the school therapist; he first appears in A Wizard Alone to help Nita and, later, Dairine, with their mother's death.

    Although he is not himself a wizard, he knows of wizards and so recognizes Nita for what she is. Later, in Wizards at War , he helps by arranging for them to get time off from school. More worried about food and squirrels than anything else, Ponch accompanies Kit and Nita on some of their adventures.

    As the series progresses it is obvious that something is different about Ponch; at the beginning of the series, he is featured as a minor character, mostly a source of canine comic relief, but further on his character is developed into more of a supporting role and partner to Kit. He starts to find and even create alternate universes his favorite being a squirrel universe and eventually is revealed to be a canine Power, namely the canine version of the One, according to the Transcendent Pig.

    After this, Kit mourns his loss, only to have a stray dog come up to him and reveal that Ponch is inside all dogs now. Machu Picchu is an irascible scarlet macaw owned by Tom and Carl. Extremely grumpy and given to showing off, she can also tell the future: her advice saves Nita and Kit in all of the first three books. Khairelikoblepharehglukumeilichephreidosd'enagouni , nicknamed Fred by Kit from the syllable phreid in his name, is a white hole who features in So You Want to Be a Wizard. He appears when Nita and Kit do a finding spell to try to retrieve Nita's space pen, and bears a message for Tom and Carl.

    Fred is the catalyst for Nita and Kit's Ordeal, starting them on a quest to find the Book of Night with Moon; he is comic in his appreciation of the delights of Earth and he becomes good friends with Nita and Kit. He is the master of his species, a great white shark; throughout the book he is both aloof and threatening.

    Although he frightens Nita, they strike up an unusual friendship. He is dryly funny, although at first Nita doesn't find him so. His role in the song is to devour Nita, as the Silent One; however, at the end of the book, Ed sacrifices himself rather than let Nita die. He has been called Chao, but it is unclear if that is a personal name or merely an epithet.

    A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition) A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition)
    A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition) A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition)
    A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition) A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition)
    A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition) A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition)
    A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition) A Wizard Alone (Young Wizards, Book 6) (New Millennium Edition)

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